The Most Annoying Mother… Ever

The proper way to glare at your annoying mama

Last summer my girl decided she was going to write a book.  She spent numerous hours on it over the course of several weeks.  Then, before I knew it and could stop her, she decided it was garbage and deleted it to start over.   Heartbroken mama.  Now that we are homeschooling, she has decided she Hates to write.  After spending the past 2 months “decompressing” from school and encountering resistance to anything she thinks resembles school, we have succeeded in motivating her to do math with Khan academy and practice her piano.  Oh, I have caught her interest momentarily with stomp rockets, learning the states/maps, and the american revolution, but it has mostly been beating my head against a wall of resistance.  I have been begging her to write anything, a book report, a journal entry, a page of the same word over and over, to no avail.  This morning I have finally succeeded.  The subject of the writing:  How annoying my mother is.  Whatever it takes…..

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